About GDC

The necessity of establishing a global institution in India for sharing India’s development experience with partner developing countries was strongly felt in recent times. Economic transformations in India and the ever widening scope of inclusive development have gained high momentum in recent years based on paradigm shifts in policy making. India has also emerged as a key global and regional player through leadership on issues of common challenges; and has multiplied its instruments and reach in supporting development initiatives in the Global South in the spirit of South-South Cooperation; and is increasingly engaged in the emerging modality of Triangular Cooperation.


With this perspective, RIS conceived the idea of establishing a Global Development Center (GDC) at RIS to create an institutional architecture to analytically contribute to the contextualization of the emerging development narrative; promote learning from plurality of development experiences globally; and formulate plans to engage with stakeholders in partner countries to facilitate sharing of India’s development experiences and models with due emphasis on endogeneity as an element in the development framework.



Objectives, Approach and Modalities

Verticals and Sub-Themes

Institutional Partnerships

The broad thematic focus/verticals for research and advocacy under GDC include: Health; Quality Infrastructure; Digital Technologies for Inclusive Development; Global Governance through Local Capacity; Agriculture; Gender; and Youth.